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Monday, 16 March 2009 11:17
The history of the faculty had its beginning in the Centre for Preparatory Studies, which offered the Bachelor of Education in TESL, a joint programme with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). In December 1996, UITM was granted the authority by the Ministry of Education to run its own TESL degree programme, thus paving to the establishment in August 1997 with approval from the UITM board of Directors.

In 1997, the faculty conducted a special degree programme known as the Program Pensiswazahan Guru-guru lepasan Kursus Diploma Perguruan Khas (KDPK) in TESL, Art Education, Physical and Health Education, Music Education and School Resource Centre Management. In November 2001 the faculty began offering the Master of Education TESL by coursework and the Master of Education and PhD Programmes by research.

The Faculty is also involved in a joint programme with the Ministry of Education which commenced in 2002 offering special degree programmes knows as the Program Khas Pensiswazahan Guru (PKPG) to non-graduate teachers. The PKPG programme is aimed at producing graduate teachers in the following areas: TESL, Art Education, multimedia Interactive, Physical and Health Education, Mathematics and science Education.

In November 2005 the faculty embarked on yet another joint programme with the Ministry of Education by offering the Bachelor in education (Honours) majoring in Educational Management. The special joint programme is also fondly known as Program Khas Pensiswazahan Guru Besar or in short, PKPGB. The Programme is offered at UITM Shah Alam and UITM Sarawak campuses.

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